When lighting a candle for prayer, it is often helpful to set an intention or focus your thoughts on a specific request or need.

How it works

PLEASE NOTE: This Candle site is monitored by the Redemptorists. All Candle language should be appropriate and purely devotional. No political content is allowed.

Welcome to the Redemptorists’ Denver Province Candle site which is devoted to Our Mother of Perpetual Help. Candles are an opportunity for individual or group devotion and prayer. When you light a virtual candle on this site your intention will be placed on our chapel altar in Chicago and included in the Redemptorists’ daily Mass intentions.

By clicking the Light a Candle button, you will have the opportunity to light either a Single Candle, or to create a Group Candle Gallery where you and others that you invite can light candles for your particular prayer intention.

Single Candles: When lighting a Single Candle, you have the option of making your prayer intention public by clicking “Show your long intention in the gallery” at the bottom of the Candle form. If you do not show your long intention, then only the Candle’s Title will display in Single Candle gallery.

Group Candles: Group Candles is a unique gallery, separate from the Single Candle gallery, that allows you to create a Group Candle Gallery—with its own distinct name and location—and invite friends and family to join in your prayer intention. Once you create a Group Candle, you can share the gallery location by clicking the Share Candle button inside your Group Candle Gallery. This allows you to share the link to the Gallery you created with others via social media or by simply copying out the link. When you light a Candle within a Group Candle Gallery, only the title of the Candle will be viewable. Please only light a Group Candle when invited to a Gallery.

Search: We urge you to pay particular attention to the Search button on the Candle home page. It gives you options to search for an existing Single Candle or Group Candle gallery by typing in the name, or by clicking the buttons for the Single Candles List or the Group Candles List and scrolling through the lists.

All Candles last for 9 days; a Group Candle Gallery lasts for 14 days.

Finally, lighting a Candle is a free devotional service provided by the Redemptorists. However, when possible, we encourage your donations to support this virtual ministry as well as the many other ministries of the Redemptorists.

Thank you. May our Most Holy Redeemer bless you, and may the love and protection of Our Mother of Perpetual Help guide you.

Step 1

Select Candle

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Step 2

Enter Your Intention

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Step 3

Share Your Candle

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